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5 Ways to Gain Super Fans with Your Music

Many wish to attain stardom and be in the spotlight, but it is not easy to catch the attention of a large audience just by your art. Sure, your talent counts a lot in such cases. More than that, you also need to know the tactics that will weave a solid connection between you as an artist and your fans.

The question is: how do you to create Super Fans?

5 Ways to Gain Super Fans with Your Music

Well, of course, it goes without saying that you have to make sure you are making good music. You also have to ensure that you play live music as often as possible and release your music online.
Besides this, there are many other ways you can keep your fans updated so that their enthusiasm levels stay boosted and they become supportive of you no matter what.

So, how do I get super fans? How can I promote my music more?

1. Increase Interaction (Engagement)

You have no idea how massive the effect of interaction with your fans can be. While you are waiting for a delayed flight or riding on the train, open your social media accounts, and start interacting with your fans! There is so much that a reply, like, reshare, or retweet can do for your fans. They will feel more connected with you and your music, which will help you gain more Super Fans.

You can also have a weekly hour-long Q/A session to show your followers and fans that you value them. Take the time to listen to their suggestions and answer their questions. This will surely increase the odds that  your followers and fans can move towards becoming super fans.

2. Live In-Person Gigs With Less People

This is one way to “make the best” of Covid-19 when it comes to live in-person events. The smaller your crowd is, the more intimate gigs are, which allow you to feel a strong connection between you and your fans.
This gives your audience a greater chance of hearing you close and also forming a unique bond with your music. Your music will reverberate through the room, and with that, you’ll see that you gradually capture everyone’s attention.

3. Hang Around After Gigs

Another impressive way of increasing the number of Super Fans you have is to hang out after the gigs are over. You can meet and speak with your fans this way. This will increase the respect they have for you because they will start viewing you as an individual who is down to Earth.
Another tip is to hang around the merch table after the gig is over. In this way, they will also be more likely to buy merch in order to get your autograph. Therefore, you could also see your merch sales rise.

4. Include Them In A Music Video

For your next music video, plan to include snippets of your fans from around the world. You can create a campaign for a cause that will also create a nice reputation for you as an artist. The fans would love to see themselves in your video and would therefore be more likely to share with others. 

5. Arrange Giveaways For Merch

Another effective way of increasing engagement on your music posts and tweets is to have giveaways for your merch. It won’t cost your brand much to spare a few T-shirts for dedicated fans. This will create a strong bond because the fans will feel special, which could increase the likelihood that they will turn into super fans.

You now have 5 Ways to Gain Super Fans with Your Music.
Let us know in the comments if you used one of these 5 ways and how it worked for you!

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