Are your trust issues blocking you

from your full potential as an artist?

You Don't Have To Do It Alone!

As anyone in the music industry will tell you – breaking into it is hard, but perhaps what might be even harder, is doing everything yourself.


Everybody’s journey is different, but what remains the same, is the challenges of “throwing things at the wall to find what sticks” along with the uncertainty of the everchanging landscape of the music industry.

At GigMerge, we recognize the value of building a community where we can have a positive impact for all as we provide support to one another.

This Mastermind Is For You If You Want to:


Network and build relationships with like-minded music and creative professionals


Provide insight from your own expertise– which can lead to increased business


Receive guidance from other music professionals – which can lead to greater understanding and productivity

An example of one our Saturday Sessions

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The Open M.I.C Mastermind Membership includes:

Open M.I.C. - Mastermind

is a niche community composed of music artists and professionals


Facing these challenges alone is no small feat, so why not have an experienced group to lean on as you throw some ideas around?


If you feel you are an expert at something in particular, we welcome your knowledge and mentorship!



Let’s work together to make this large, overwhelming industry feel small and welcoming!

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Mastermind Group

Only $35 per month after the free trial!

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