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Rappers and Producers Discuss the Music Industry [Open M.I.C Pilot EP1 Part 3] | Music Talk Show

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Rappers and Producers Discuss the Music Industry [Open M.I.C Pilot EP1 Part 3] | Music Talk Show

With the debut of Open M.I.C. Episode 1 Part 1 with the Rappers and Part 2 with the Producers, Part 3 of this music talk show brings the two parties together. We’ve heard from the rappers about their relationship with producers; from the producer’s role to whether their opinion on their music matters. On the Producer’s side we discussed similar topics. In the end, we bring them together to discuss mutual questions and breakthrough topics that are common in the music industry.

Episode 1, Part 3:
0:00 Intro with Rappers and Producers
0:40 Ideal scenario when working with an Artist or Producer?
1:49 Biggest pet peeve when working with an Artist or Producer?
3:08 Producers: What if Artist doesn’t have lyrics prepared?
4:40 What do Producers and Artists need to understand or respect when working together?
5:10 Have you ever been in a space where you felt disrespected?
6:43 Do Artists appreciate Producer’s song notes?
7:32 Artists: Are you okay if the Producer provides prewritten material?
10:02 When do you know the relationship isn’t working?
11:56 Do you struggle communicating constructive criticism?
13:46 How do you cut bad relationships in the music industry?
15:20 Is being friends with the Artist or Producer important for business?
18:34 What are problems between Artists and Producers?
23:40 Closing Thoughts 

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