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Rappers Discuss Working With Producers [Open M.I.C Pilot EP1 Part 1] | Music Talk Show

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Rappers Discuss Working With Producers [Open M.I.C Pilot EP1 Part 1] | Music Talk Show

In this episode of Open M.I.C, three rappers weigh in on their experiences working with music producers during their time in the music industry. Starting from their early rap days on how they found beats, worked with producers, etc.: rappers Juny, Lamar Towles, and Quranic the MC provide music industry insight from their own personal experiences in this three-part interview between Rappers and Producers. 

Episode 1, Part 1: Rappers

0:00 Intro 
0:32 What is the role of a music producer?
2:34 What are the producer’s responsibilities?
4:06 Does the producer’s opinion of the finished song matter?
5:02 How do you choose the perfect producing partner?
6:26 Do you give producers credit or shout them out when a song is finished?
7:48 Do you feel rappers should be able to freestyle?
11:10 Juny Freestyle
11:31 Lamar Towles Freestyle
12:31 Quranic the MC Freestyle
13:00 Outro and Credits

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Quranic the MC: @quranic

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Te’Jal (TJ) Cartwright
Video and Editing: Agape Media
Sponsors: Hunny’s Bakery and The Oniru Group

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