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Join Our Saturday Sessions! - Music Industry Support Group

We welcome you to join our “Saturday Sessions,” where participants can submit music industry related questions, topics, or issues that they would like help with, to brainstorm, etc.

Think of it as a music industry support group.

We meet every Saturday morning 10am – 11am EST via Zoom. 

Benefits of the Group
1. Network with like-minded music and creative professionals

2. Provide guidance and insight from your own expertise/experience – which may lead to increased business

3. Receive guidance and insight from other music professionals – which may lead to greater understanding and productivity

The conversations will be recorded and depending on the content, portions of the discussion may be posted on our YouTube channel so others can learn from and join in on the discussions.

*These sessions are currently free but will be part of a paid membership in the near future. We will notify our audience well in advance of the change.