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Stats are updated on the first day of the month (Last Updated: 8/1/2021)

Our show mostly attracts males and females 18 – 34 year olds in urban cities who are fans of music and the music industry.

YouTube: Average of 2500+ views per video

Instagram Followers: 11K+
Facebook Page: 2K+ LikesFollows
YouTube Subscribers: 80+
Email Subscribers: 200+


$ 50
Per Video
  • Sponsored Post & Story on IG
  • Included in description box of 1 YouTube video


$ 75
Per Video
  • Same as Bronze +
  • Logo, description, & link included our monthly email newsletter
  • Ad mentioning business + description in 1 podcast


$ 100
Per Video
  • Same as Silver +
  • Attend one of our Saturday Sessions and talk to the group about your business + participate in discussion
  • Business contact info sent out to Saturday Session attendees after meeting
If interested in sponsoring with tangible items such as food, products, items, or time – please email Tiffany (tiffany@gigmerge.com) 
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