Artist Name Availability Report

Your Artist Name May Be Unavailable!

We recently met with an artist whose name was very unique. . .
or so we thought.

He had worked hard to build his brand and was finally ready to start his clothing line to help promote his name.
As soon as we checked his name with the Trademark Office, we found that the name he had built his entire brand upon…


He chose a new name based on our suggestions, used our Trademark Attorney connect to register his name so this would not happen again, and was able to rebrand with confidence.

Let us make sure that this doesn’t happen to you!

What You Get From Our Report

If Your Name IS Available:

We provide you with a Trademark Attorney’s information – (the same attorney we used to Trademark GigMerge)

If Your Name IS NOT Available:

We will provide you with information that you need to consider when changing your name/rebranding and how to convert your audience to adjust to your new name.

Artist Name Availability Report

If you aren’t 100% sure that your artist name is available, fill out the form below to have us check!

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